The Broadcast Format of the Future, Now at Impact
Online, on our phones, at the grocery store, at the gas pump, and of course on television.

Video advertising is everywhere.
The question is: Are you? You should be.
Video advertising is everywhere. Online, on our phones, at the grocery store, at the gas pump, and of course, on television. In fact, on average, over 180 million people in the U.S. watch over 35 billion online content videos each month, and 96% of online shoppers say they watch online video.

Impact Advertising is Central Pennsylvania’s premier source for award-winning high-quality video production and television advertising. From concept through delivery, dozens of businesses of all sizes have benefited from television commercials, corporate video production, web video production, and product video production produced by Impact Advertising over the past 20+ years.

Almost a decade ago, we became one of the first agencies in the area shooting in high-definition. Then, once the stations caught up, we were one of the first agencies to deliver high-definition commercials for broadcast and cable TV. Today, our video department is complete with green-screen studios, special lighting, boom mics, wireless mics, jib arms, camera cranes, dolly tracks, tele-prompters, special effects software, a bank of super computers, and more.

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We’re the front runners in the industry when it comes to TV commercials. We’ve had HD capabilities for over 20 years, and we are still pushing the envelope to stay in the forefront of the video industry. Impact does it all from concept to creation. First we can write or script what you’d like your message to be. Then, we film and edit your commercial. Impact has the capabilities to produce 3D and 2D animation and motion graphics. Whatever you need to create amazing video, you’ll find right here at Impact.

Impact has all the knowledge to stream video over the internet. Whether it’s live-event streaming or hosting a video for millions of viewers, we can handle it.

Impact has been doing legal depositions since its very inception. We’ve created everything from 3D-animated surgical procedures to personal interviews for attorneys across PA and the northeast.

Need a video to explain what your company does to display at a trade show, or recruit people to come to your company? Impact should be your first stop. We’ve created hundreds of corporate videos for customers ranging from banks to sports clubs, and home manufacturing to industrial companies. Just give us a call to discuss what type of business you have and how to best create your video.

HIGH-DEF – BluRay – 4K
We’re keeping our place at the forefront of video technology by offering our clients 4K video production on our very own Blackmagic 4K Production Cameras. 4K resolution, or Ultra HD, is the broadcast format of the future, and produces an image four times the size of current high-definition video. The result is a crisper, more dynamic image that has to be seen to be believed. And because the Blackmagic 4K Production Camera utilizes a Super 35 sensor and high-precision EF lenses, your commercial or production will look like it was shot on film by a Hollywood caliber cinematographer.

We have the capabilities to duplicate DVD’s, CD’s, VHS tapes, digital files, or whatever video or files you may have. We can duplicate as many as 5 at a time. Have old videos on tape you want updated to DVD? We can do it. Have old family videos and want them copied for a loved one? We can do that, too. Whatever you may need, Impact has the capability and equipment to make quick work of it.

Just like with TV commercials, Impact is on the forefront of online video as well. Our video and web departments work very closely to create high-impact and engaging videos for online advertising. The whole point of video advertising online is to make the viewer so interested they click through to see the content on your website. Impact has been creating online video advertisements for years. We have the capabilities to engage users.

Our video department is complete with green screen studios, special lighting, boom mics, wireless mics, jib arms, camera cranes, dolly tracks, tele-prompters, special effects software, a bank of super computers and more.