From start to finish, We KNOW Media
Not only do we know media, we know who’s using which media.

Better to be seen in one media
than invisible in all.

You have your product or service. You have your sales message. You have your brand identity. How do you get it out to your potential customers? What mediums are the best ways to reach your target demographics? Should you use broadcast television to hit a large market, or should you focus on your backyard by using local cable? Should you advertise in your local paper and offer a limited-time sales event coupon, or run 60-second spots on radio to increase brand awareness? If so, what formats should you use?

Purchasing media can be a nightmare. There are countless options, and each one says they are the best way to reach your potential customers. Impact Advertising has the experience to research, analyze, negotiate, and place on your behalf. We will take the guesswork out of the process and give you an unbiased recommendation.

Advertising is only as strong as the audience you’re reaching – and every market is unique. Acting on behalf of the client, Impact performs market research to first identify the media within the client’s DMA, MSA, and on the local level. Using such research tools as Nielsen, Arbitron, and SQAD rankings for electronic media, and AAM (formerly ABC) & CVC data for print, we can then analyze what mediums work best for the client, based off targeted demographics, psychographics, and sociographics. Of course, we would never recommend a media mix without taking into account the clients’ personal experiences and wisdom of their own backyard. This synergistic analysis between Impact Advertising and you ensures you receive the best return on your advertising dollars.

After our recommendations are made, we will work with you and your budget to set realistic dollar volumes per medium. In some cases, due to budgetary constraints, we may decide to cut one medium in order to bolster the presence in another. As we always say, it is better to be seen in one media than invisible in all. These agreed-upon dollars are then combined with the funds of other clients in the same media in order to achieve the lowest price point per ad for you. Our company, with over 50 combined years experience in media negotiations, has consistently negotiated rates lower than the lowest earned rate on the media’s rate card.

After the budget is approved and the negotiations are complete, Impact Advertising will place the media orders on your behalf. While most clients like to place their buys on a monthly basis, we can accommodate any schedule from weekly to yearly. At any time, changes can be made to the schedule or budget. This helps react to things like new manufacturer incentives, hitting monthly sales goals, handling overstock, or whatever comes along in your business. We will take care of all the contact and ordering with the media, so you can focus on what really matters: your customers.

For clients wishing to claim co-op advertising dollars, Impact employs rigorous media verification at no extra charge. Monthly media invoices, including tear-sheets or notarized affidavits, are compared to the insertion orders placed that month for that media. This is to ensure that our clients receive the maximum value for their co-op advertising funds.