Matthew R. Joiner

MJOriginally from the Baltimore, Maryland area, Matt has been with Impact for 12 years now, after spending 5 years with a co-op advertising agency where he became skilled in outdoor power products and automotive markets. No one knows more about manufacturer’s co-op programs than Matt Joiner!

But like all our big brained people, he does so much more for us. He is our de-facto IT expert, maintaining our servers, phone systems, computer network, and anything electronic in the office. He is one of our key Digital Marketing experts that understands the intricacies and nuances of successful digital marketing efforts. He knows photography, videography, graphics, printing, radio production, video production, conventional media, digital media, and really any aspect of advertising. Matt has done it all.  As well as being a partner with the firm, Matt also serves as a Senior Account Manager, personally handling many of our key accounts.