Kenneth M. DiRocco

Smiling Ken in BlK SuitB&WPath-OnBlackNames on the Door, as he likes to say. Now in his sixties, Mr. DiRocco has been trying to hand off much of his day-to-day responsibilities to the other talented members of the Impact team in order to focus on growth and business development.  He still manages time to oversee our accounting, operations, and media departments. 

He spent his the first 17 years of his career specializing in business-to-business and direct marketing advertising for several national companies. He has held positions of Creative Director, Advertising Director, Marketing Manager, and Director of Marketing. He garnered much recognition for numerous B-T-B campaigns in the national public library markets, federal regulatory, and the Christian electronic markets.

For the last 17 years he has concentrated on retail advertising. Mr. DiRocco has served as Executive Vice President of Operations for a national co-op advertising company and personally worked on accounts such as John Deere, Trane, XFL, Bombardier, and Air Jamaica.

His areas of expertise are:  Media strategy, negotiations, media planning, creative strategy and concepts, branding and image,  research and analysis, cost analysis, business operation management, salary and compensation management, profit center management, acquisitions, and finances.