Alana Fellinger

Alana FellingerAlana Fellinger, is one of our top Account Executives and a preferred choice with clients. Alana is a Marketing and Customer Service veteran who has held several sales and marketing positions for an international energy company headquartered in Canada. Corporate Marketing Specialist, Corporate Marketing Manager and Region Customer Relationship Manager are just a few of the titles she has held.

A Penn State graduate with a BA in Business, Alana boasts a natural inclination for advertising, marketing and customer service. Her lengthy resume of accomplishments, and rapid career advancements, belies her young age.

Historically well versed in traditional media and in the areas of multi level marketing and advertising material development/fulfillment and website SEO and SEM for a large international internet presence, Alana possesses a most unique skill set. Her attention to detail, accessibility, follow through, problem solving ability, vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm make her a client favorite.